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Where all this crap came from…

Wyvren was a world created by my friends and me back in 1999. We had all decided to get back into roleplaying on the internet (I know, chat room RPs. Don’t scoff, you all did it too, if you were my age) but we couldn’t find anywhere that wasn’t either A) a bunch of douchebags who wanted to monster-bate with their own jacked characters, or B) a bunch of kids afraid of dying in a fake world and would make overpowered, unjustified characters just to make sure they never died.

To make it short, it was ass. So, we made Wyvren up as a way to have a world that was balanced and equally fun for all. We called it the World of Wyvren, or WoW for short (Yeah, waaaaaay before anyone else thought of it, mind you) and it comprised of four major groups. My group was the Mythic Warriors of Wyvren, a group of elemental warriors who worshiped gods for their power. My buddy Sean took control of the Dragonball Z roleplayers, and started the Dragonball Warriors (which would later become the Daoh). Our friend Nick wanted a place to roleplay as a character from Final Fantasy VII, so he started up the Final Fantasy Seven Guild of the Higher Arts, or FF7GotHA (which isn’t really a shortened name, but still, we tried), which would later become the Half Elven nation of Balinre. Tim started up what originally started as a human spy RP, which was the EGBI, or Evil Goth Bureau of Investigation, which, due to the power levels and for balance sake, was change to a vampire organization and RP group. From there, we hit the internet. Once we started table top roleplaying, however, we decided to move Wyvren to tabletop (mostly because I was the DM and I didn’t have anywhere else better to go). All of our games took place in Wyvren, mostly in Xiron, as it was the most DnD friendly setting. But, as my DMing grew out of our small group and into high school and college, Wyvren needed to grow too. I added on the Elven continent of Fer n’Al as a challenge to myself to build a setting that was not run by humans (because the 2nd edition Dungeon Master guide said that all the numbers and values were for a society based on human rule and you would have to alter it to fit in societies not having humans in it’s power positions of leadership) and later on the viking-inspired raiding barbarian nation of Midgard. Within this mass of lands I placed the islands of the Moon’s Tear Ocean because I loved island hopping campaigns so much.

And there it was. A few inspired prestige classes, a transfer to 3rd edition and eventually to Pathfinder, and a bunch of gaming sessions over ten years, and here we are! I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed running, writing, and conceiving all of it. Many thanks to Sean, Tim, and Nick for working so hard in the early days of the internet to give Wyvren the foundation it needed to move into the future, thanks to Melissa to help flesh out the early characters and give them life, and thanks to the tons of people that have helped build this world to what it is with their brilliant roleplaying. You all helped make Wyvren what it has become now.

Enter the World of Wyvren.


World of Wyvren

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