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Xiron (pronounced Zeer-on)is a nation that is comprised of worshipers to what has become known as the Mythic Xiron Gods, the divine elemental lords who helped shape the land of Xiron into what it is. Without their aid, the daemons that plagued the land would still run rampant.

Long ago, when the world was young, the Mythic deities, Vertigo, Rodash, Kagnar, ZarZor, Gaothane, and Kraiken walked on the earth in what would become the lands of Xiron. They all drew the power of the land deep within themselves and in turn were granted the power to meld the lands as they saw fit. Each took a different aspect of the lands and its energies to focus on and master. Now they have ascended to godhood and have become able to bestow their attunement with the powers of the world to others, offering them paladin-like powers and control over the world around them. These Mythic Warriors are the chosen of the gods and are offered positions of power within the structures of Xiron to reflect their gods ability to shape the lands.

Xiron is ruled by a Duke, as the true kings and queens of Xiron are their gods. The Duke or Duchess of Xiron has predominantly been a patron of Kraiken, the deity of power and of just leadership. Rarely, a Duke will rise that is a patron of Vertigo, the deity of judgment.

It is important to note that Xiron is not a nation of druids. It is a nation that lives in reverence of the land that they live on because of the almost-constant and very large presence of the Xiron deities and, as such, know that they should acknowledge their living deities’ accomplishments.

Xiron shares a landmass with the mountainous homelands of the Daoh a sect of humans that have taken their spiritual wholeness to a new level. The Daoh and the people of Xiron get along well enough because the Daoh leave the Xironians alone and the Xiron peoples know not to venture too far into the mountains or be victim to the Daoh’s fierce protection of their sect’s secrets or be a snack for the plethora of blue dragons that take refuge in the mountain crags.

Xiron is a land that houses a multitude of races seeking shelter from their homelands or seeking a spiritual connection with both the land and the divine. All manner of races can be found within Xiron; the one exception is the amount of Elves that live in Xiron. Elves are not nearly scarce, but they are outnumbered as compared to other races. More half-elves are present in Xiron than full blooded Elves because of the Elven nation of Fer n’Al.

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