Wyvren Deity Chart

Pantheons of Wyvren


Deity AL Description Domains Weapon
Vertigo LN God of Fire, Judgement, and Justice Resolve*,Fire,Law,Honor* Scythe/twin swords
Rodash NG Goddess of Peace, Healing, and Persistence Ocean*,Protection,Healing,Good Morning Star/Longbow
Kagnar LG God of War, honor, men, and Combat Earth,Strength,War,Healing 1h melee weapons
ZarZor CG God of Lightning and the Arts Knowledge,Air,Luck,Weather Light or Heavy mace
Gaothane TN Goddess of women, secrets, and the winds Winds*,Trickery, Celerity,Travel Hand Crossbow
Kraiken CG God of Leadership and Might Ice*,Law,Nobility,Community Bastard Swords

* – For Kraiken, use the Subdomain (found in the Advanced Players Guide) of Ice as a standard domain. Also, use the Ocean subdomain for Rodash, the Winds subdomain for Gaothane, and the Honor and Resolve subdomains for Vertigo as the standard domains . This is not an option.

Available Subdomains
Kraiken’s Nobility for Leadership

Fer n’Al

Deity AL Description Domains Weapon
Medaerius LG God of the Winds and Leadership Air,Nobility,Law,Glory Falchion
Iysvelda CG Lady of the Stars, patron of women Protection,Chaos,Knowledge,Magic Staff
Ge’bril LN Crafting god of the Earth Earth,Healing,Rune,Artifice Hammer
Damkina TN Lady of the Earth, patron of the forests Animal,Plant,Charm,Liberation Scimitar
Scintillus CG God of War, Strength, and Contests Strength,War,Good,Luck Spear
Ankou LN God of the Afterlife, Keeper of Souls Repose,Healing,Sun,Protection Mace
Jengu’a TN Lord of the Seas, Patron of Elven Navy Destruction,Water,Weather,Air Glaive
Sapho NG Speedful messenger goddess Celerity, Dreams,Travel,Magic Longbow

Available Subdomains
Varda- Arcane


Deity AL Description Domains Weapon
Odin LG King of the Midgard Gods Nobility,Knowledge,Rune,Strength Spear
Thor CG War god of thunder Weather,Air,War,Glory Hammer
Loki NE Master of Mischief Trickery,Fire,Chaos,Charm Dagger
Freya NG Lady of Magic Magic,Liberation,Rune,Protection Staff
Bragi TN Lord of Music and Art Luck,Charm,Community,Travel Short Sword
Heimdal LN All-seeing god of protection Protection,Knowledge,Good,Repose Great Sword
Baldur LG Patron of Men Healing,Good,Sun,Glory Longsword
Sif CN Patron of Beauty, women, and fertility Charm,Glory,Liberation,Animal Mace
Hel LE Mistress of the Underworld and Death Death,Darkness,Repose,Law Sickle
Ran CG Lady of the Oceans Water,Travel,Trickery,Healing Trident
Frigg TN Lady of Nature Earth,Animal,Plant,Good Bow

Available Subdomains
Ran – Oceans
Baldur – Honor
Freya – Arcane
Loki – Deception
Heimdall – Defense

Daemon Lords

Deity AL Description Domains Weapon
The Blighter of Ways CN Chaos and Destruction Incarnate Chaos,Destruction,Evil,Madness Spiked Chain
Garignack CE Patron of Orcs Orc,Destruction,Strength,Earth Orc Double Axe
Molizar LE Corrupter of Souls, Vampire Lord Blood,Darkness, Law, Artifice Dagger
Ekwen LE Lord of pestilence, disease, and vengeance Murder*,Toil*,Defense*,Curse* Flail
Trafalgar CE Lord and master of undeath Death,Evil,Darkness, Undeath Scythe
Sarinnar NE Daemon of contracts and deals Charm, Celerity,Trickery,Knowledge Sickle
Teera’al LE Mistress of Pain, Pleasure, and Torture Daemon*,Lust*,Nightmare*,Magic Whip

* – For Teera’al, use the Subdomain (found in the Advanced Players Guide) of Daemon as a standard domain. Also, use the Lust subdomain, and the Nightmare subdomain as the standard domains . This is not an option. The same goes for the Murder, Toil, Defense, and Curse subdomains for Ekwen

Unpantheoned Deities

Deity AL Description Domains Weapon
Mythanial Marrous NG Protector of Spirits, Bane of Undeath Repose,Good,Sun,Healing Mace
Metal Kings LG Four-faceted Lord of Might *Good,Glory,Strength,Magic,War Sword,Club,Axe,Hammer
G.O.D. NG Peace-bringer Community,Healing,Luck,Liberation Staff
The Jester TN Protector of the Grey Area Chaos,Artifice,Liberation,Trickery Sap

* – All followers of the Metal Kings get the Good domain, but must choose one of the last four, and pick the respective weapon. See here for more information

Wyvren Deity Chart

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