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There is rumor that there was once a landmass in the center of the map of Wyvren with a large and powerful empire located on it. The rumor says that the empire had long dwelled in their decadence and thought themselves greater than any god that could ever come down on them.

The rumor also says that they were wrong, and that around the time of the coming of the Xiron deities to the mortal realm all the gods banded together and destroyed their empire along with the land that contained it. What remains is the Moon’s Tear Ocean and the islands contained within it.

Some of the islands in the ocean are so small that only a few houses can be built on them, or some are large enough to conceal entire civilizations from the prying eyes of the world. The islands remain mostly unexplored and the treasures, cultures, lost worship and magic are still safely preserved within the island’s mystery.

Noted Islands in the Moon’s Tear Ocean

Raptor Island – first scouted by the noted Axis member Eldrick and his crew of slavers. Most of the island’s dinosaur-riding inhabitants were subjugated by Eldrick and added to his wicked retinue.

Volcanis – first discovered by the bard Duan Piobarrean and the ranger Orix Colltean, this island is home to many creatures of the Elemental Plane of Fire, and though unconfirmed, the rumors of the portal to this realm fly around wildly.

Mutare – An island refuge for those seeking to ascend their condition. Teaching can be found here for all the prestige classes that alter or change a character’s type by the final level. Examples of which include Verdant Lord, Oozemaster, Shifter, Acolyte of the Skin, and Alienist. While not all of these people share the same mentality or even purpose for wanting to change themselves, they all share the desire to no longer be entirely human, and as such, get along even if some of them have darker desires.

Strange Sights on the Ocean

Across the Moon’s Tear Ocean, men can be found trying to escape death. Mythaniel Marrous, one of the non-state deities of Wyvren and guardian of souls, does not stand for souls to stay longer, walking the earth beyond their time. As such, he sends his Spirit Hunters after such men.

Moons Tear Deities

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Moons Tear main

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