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Land of the Vikings, home to the island raiders of the north

Midgard is a land of contrasts. For the most part it is a beautiful, lush land with roaming mountains and green pastures, rich with life and adventure waiting to be had. The other parts of Midgard are scarred by the constant siege of Durgan, the Dread Lord of Midgard. The Vikings of Midgard used to be a proud people, raiding all the lands within 500 miles of their homeland for all that they could take. As of late, the attacks of the Dread Lord Durgan have caused the Vikings to recall to their own shores, pulling back their raiders to put them on the front lines of a war that may soon destroy all that they know and love.

When Midgard wasn’t a torrent of turmoil and strife it was a land rich with treasure and plunder. Men would become rich as kings overnight because of their raiding lifestyle and just as soon be cut down by either beasts or jealous men. Much of the world’s history and artistry is lost in the wild depths of Midgard, and any who would venture forth into the temples and ruins of Midgard is sure to find themselves a rich and powerful man indeed.

Midgard is centered around the views of their warlike and power hungry gods who instruct their people to use the strength given to them to take what they would, and if others were not strong enough to defend then they should not have what they have. The Vikings of Midgard have lived by these tenents for years, and it has done them very well so far.

A few years back a force was raised to attempt to destroy Durgan, but they had failed almost halfway through the quests to unlock the magical barriers on Durgan’s final stronghold. The keys are still lost, but the likelihood that they are mostly together thanks to this groups sacrifice is very great.

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