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Wyvren (pronounced Why-v-wren) is a world of many turmoils and troubles, and a world attempting to maintain a global balance and harmony amid a varied set of cultures and beliefs. Each nation on Wyvren struggles to keep their values and morals bound by possibly centuries of tradition while co-existing with others who might not share their views and principles. To learn of Wyvren, first you must venture to each of the nations.

Xiron, home to the Mythic Warriors and those who keep the faith of the Mythic deities. Great adventure and strife dwell within Xiron’s borders.

Daoh Mountains, the dwelling place of the Daoh, a people who strive for physical and mental wholeness and guard the secrets of their ancestors with tenacity and valor.

Fer n’Al, the nation of the Elves to the west. A place of beauty and order, but also of dark and deep magical secrets. All Elves on Wyvren call Fer n’Al a home, if only an ancestral home.

Balinrae, a nation of half-elves, calling themselves Linraeans, who first sought their freedom from persecution from their full blooded Elven cousins and/or from the Vampyres who controlled the land that they now call home. Balinrae is without a connection to the magic of the world, and, as such, the people of Balinrae, after centuries of life there, have lost their connection with magic. They have supplemented with semi-magical technologies powered by mana harvested into crystals from other lands.

ChaoStar Island, the protected home of the Vampyres. The Vampyres, having no magical connection at all, ever, have turned to a full load of technology. There have been reports of Vampyres in full body armor that hisses and moans as it moves, that allows them to fly and walk around in sunlight. They have weapons capable of throwing pure energy, as if the sun, at their enemies, and blade that hum with a power source unknown

Midgard, a land of barbarians located in the northeast of the Moon’s Tear Ocean. The largest island houses the raiding barbarians peoples and shelters them from attack from other nations. Rune magic is highly used here in place of other natural magics.

The Moon’s Tear Ocean is home to a plethora of island and island chains which have grown their own cultures and traditions due to their isolation. There are also many pirate vessels that roam the waters between the islands, and also many people that have yet to be discovered by the outside world…

Then, you should make a character, and join the World of Wyvren!

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