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Fer n’Al

Ancient home of the Elves, center of the Elven Empire

Fer n’Al is a wild, magical country where the Elves have found their home. The Elven Council runs their empire from the capital of Fier Fae`um. The Elven council rules over all Elves on Wyvren, whether or not the individual elf has ever even seen Fer n’Al. The King of the Elves, Ard Righ Ardium, holds the seat of King of Elfdom and has for some years now. He was the first King that allowed contact with the outside world.

Humans, and other races for that matter, had never seen the inner valleys of Fer n’Al. The inner sanctum of Fer n’Al was protected by far-stretching mountain ranges that start a few miles inward from the western shores of Fer n’Al. Humans have seen these mountains from the shoreline, but the only interaction with the Fernalian Elves was the few port cities that Fer n’Al had set up to make trade with the outside world.

It was only when Ard Righ Ardium decided to accept the invitation of Duke Qaliwin Zonart of Xiron for the Wyvren world council meeting that anyone had ever gazed upon a Fernalian elf from their valley sanctum. That first world council meeting was entirely dominated by the building of relations between Fer n’Al and the other world leaders.

The Elven Council is kept secret to most everyone; even most Elves do not know what happens within the secret chambers inside Tirnae, the meeting halls of the Elven Council. Even the members of the Elven Council are secret to most of the world.

There are some radical Elven people that only live in the tamed wilds of Fer n’Al. The Avariel are one of these peoples. Winged Elves that live in the most mystical of all the forest of Fer n’Al, the forest Mania (mahn-eh-ah). There is also a great magical training center in the Nidi` forest, the triple cities of Fier Nidal, Fier Nidi’al (Ni-deh-al), and Fier Nidi’ile (Ni-deh-eye-al). Also within the borders of the Western Reaches is one and only one human settlement of Fort Peregrine. It is seen as a barbaric establishment, but it does provide the only outpost the human civilization on the other side of Fer n’Al’s Western Reaches has on the “inside” of Fer n’Al. It sits at the edge of the Plains of Peregrine, a vast dusty area that is the only flat passage through the Western Reaches.

Within the Eastern Reaches, the mountains to the east of the heart of Fer n’Al lies the Orcvale, a huge gathering of Orc tribes that constantly raid the Elves of Fer n’Al and then retreat to the safety of the mountains when fighting looks bad.

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