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Spiritual Champions of Wyvren

The Daoh share the landmass that Xiron sits on. Xiron’s western border are large mountains right before the ocean to the west. It is in these mountains that the Daoh first found their home.

The Daoh, primarily, resemble humans. They are not a race unto themselves, however. The Daoh spread more of an ideal to any who will truly listen rather than turn people away who are different. All who seek to explore their spirituality are welcomed to make the grueling trek through the mountains, avoiding the various beasts found therein, and find the secluded camps and cave dwellings of the Daoh. The Daoh, however, have only recently opened their borders to other races. Through constant lidigation with other world leaders and the Wyvren World Council, Zorn, leader of the Daoh people, has agreed to take on apprentices from other nations to aid in the worldwide unification effort, and, in turn, has assigned some of his people to learn from other other nations. This is because the world is so interested to learn what the Daoh have found in their mountains and what mysteries of the spirit they have unlocked.

The Daoh have become masters of the mind, body, and soul, and their exploits can be seen in the Daoh Warrior class page. They have also become in tune with the elements, and those specializations can be found in the Elemental Bender class page. Almost every Daoh is trained in the martial arts, and therefore favor the monk class and prestige classes, but a select few are chosen to ascend their physical self to become master of the spirit or the environment.

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