Character Creation

Characters are made in Wyvren with a simple premise in mind. A premise that was imparted to EvilSkeletonDude by Deadlands.

In Wyvren, character are encouraged to bend the rules to their favor, powergame all you want. Be as selfish with items or power as you want but there is always a cost.

In the Deadlands GM guide there was an NPC called Stone. Stone was meant to impart the deadliness of the Wild West upon your PCs. Whenever a PC in your party got too proud of himself a random bar patron is supposed to say a line like this, “You think you’re good, but you ain’t as fast as Stone” which was supposed to indicate that Stone is coming to find you.

The thing about the NPC card for Stone was funny; he didn’t have one. The write up for him said “+10 levels to your highest level PC’s character sheet.”

So, in the World of Wyvren, be as strong and as powerful as you want, but there is always a bigger fish in the sea. Remember that.

With that in mind, I give you the rules for character creation.

1. Roll 4d6, dropping the lowest number in the roll. Re roll all 1’s until it is not a 1 anymore

2. Generate 6 numbers in this manner

3. Roll 3 sets of 6 numbers (repeat steps 1 and 2 twice more)

4. Pick the best set of scores and assign them to your stats.

If, in this time, you roll four 6’s, you have the option of keeping the total 24 score! However, if you take the 24 you become a mutant of your race. You get to assign the super score to one of your stats, but your DM has the option to reduce the effectiveness of the opposite score from your mutated one. (For these purposes, Strength opposes Intelligence, Dexterity opposes Wisdom, Constitution opposes Charisma) For example, a character that puts a 24 into Strength is capable of titanic feats of power and might, but his Intelligence suffers. An option for the DM is to have that character have an Intelligence maximum (perhaps at 6), require occasional rolls to see if the character thought of the idea the player had, or require Will saves or have the character enter rage as a response to emotional distress. Likewise, a character with an Intelligence of 24 is beyond genius, however, their Strength suffers as a result of their constant studying. A mutated Intelligence might suffer the standard Strength maximum (6 is a standard maximum penalty), or have fits of weakness befall the character.

Any character may be from any area of Wyvren. It is important to discuss with your GM any and all prestige or base classes that you wish to add onto your character so that he can arrange teachers if you need them. You should also discuss with your GM the area you wish to be from in case he does not want to write your character into that campaign from your area.

Also, any player playing a character in a game in Wyvren should not write down their alignment. I find that writing your alignment down is a role-playing trap. A character should react in any certain way they want, not the “Lawful Good” way, or the way a “Chaotic Good” character would react. I, as the DM, will keep track of a character’s alignment for the purposes of aligned weapons or character class restrictions. However, you will find that in many places on this wiki you notice the phrase “based on his alignment”. If you are a deity-worshipping class, your “alignment” for these purposes is the portfolio of your deity. If you are not, however, this is based your reactions and the DM’s interpretation. Don’t be surprised that your once-thought-goodly based powers start acting a little funny if you start slipping the moral coil…

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Character Creation

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