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ChaoStar Island

The mysterious shrouded home of the Vampyre

ChaoStar Island is a place that few have every managed to see and live to tell the tale. Even the ones that have survived realize that they still have their lives because of the whims of the things that inhabit this vile place. It is said that the very earth seems to be soaked with blood, as all the shores are made of blood red sands. The mountains even seem wicked and pointed in unnatural formations and the air seems to wrap itself around your throat, attempting to strangle you.

All this because the wicked Vampyre call this land home and have for some years now. After the Great Northern War the Vampyres were forced to retreat from their homes in the eastern end of Balinrae by the half-elves taking refuge their. Normally, a handful of warriors would stand no chance to the weaponry and technology of the Vampyre, but the Vampyres were already broken and beaten very badly and their will to fight was broken as well. After this vicious defeat was handed to them they fled across the waters and found the untamed wilds of ChaoStar. They immediately set out planning their revenge on all of Wyvren. They plotted against the Daoh because they were the ones who defeated them, Xiron for not allying with them, Balinrae for taking over their homes, and everyone else would stand with the Vampyre or fall like the rest.

The most notable part about ChaoStar is that it cannot be seen from the sky or from the waters. A dense fog covers that entire part of the ocean for miles around the island (or what cartographers assume or remember must be miles around it). All boats or flying peoples or mechanisms that go into the fog find themselves sailing or flying out of it on the exact opposite trajectory that they entered it on without feeling any change in their vehicle’s movement. They feel as if they were moving straight forward, but they end up turned around by some mysterious force.

There have been correspondences from ChaoStar island’s leader, Ezekiel Molovos, to the other world leaders of Wyvren. In these notes he talks about how the might of ChaoStar will reign supreme and that all his enemies would hang from the walls of Nagareth. This has come to be known as the capital city of ChaoStar Island.

Not much else is known about ChaoStar island.

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