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Land of the Half Elves, controllers of Wyvren

Balinrae was originally the home of the Vampyres before they left for the Great Northern War. When the war took the shores of Xiron, the half elves that had lived there were forced out and turned into refugees. They fled on the temporary land bridge the Vampyre had put up from Balinrae to Xiron and began their life anew. After years of exposure to the Vampyre’s homeland their connection to magic started to wain and eventually was extinguished. The half elves felt as if they were dying without magic in their lives.

They were forced to find alternative methods in the Vampyre’s laboratories. What their researchers had discovered was an experiment called “Project: Mana crystal”. It was the end of a long line of research into magic and reclaiming it for the Vampyres. The end result was that Vampyres were absolutely resistant to magic, but they were able to contain magical energy in very specially made crystals and unleash it later in the form of weapons. The half elves started mass producing the crystals and set out collecting mana from other lands like Midgard, Fer n’Al, Xiron, and a few islands in the ocean.

Since the discovery of the mana crystals the half elves of Balinrae have started creating machines that run off of the magical energies within the crystals. They have made a whole fleet of ships that have large wheels that power them instead of sails and vehicles that move over land like tanks. They have also found a rare form of flightless land bird called Chocobos that they breed to run over water and land just the same. After this forging of their own society of techno-magical creations, the half elves renamed themselves the Linrae.

After all their technological advances they have created they have started enforcing law and order among the waters and the islands of the Moon’s Tear Ocean. They have formed the Guild of the Higher Arts, or GotHA, in order to ensure law and order. The leader of the GotHA is Kirkos Lightbringer, a fair and just justicar who rules over the people of Balinrae.

The people of Balinrae do not worship any gods or higher powers, at least not as a society. Their society has come to put divinity into their own works, praising their rise out from under the thumb of the Vampyres so many years ago. There can be Linrae found revering other deities from other countries around the world, however, as Balinrae is such a cosmopolitan place.

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