Chosen of Marrous, Prime Spirit Hunter


Spirit Hunter, Fighter 13/Spirit Hunter 10


Vampyro was not born Vampyro. He was once a great warrior in the fight against the undead. He was always first to draw swords against the wicked scourge of undeath. Finally, when he drew his last breath under the heal of a giant undead stalker, his soul was elevated by Mithanial Marrous to the level of Spirit Hunter. He hated his new state and became bitter and sour towards his new life but focused that tenacity to his duty. Once he perfected the art laid down before him by Marrous, he hunted down other Spirit Hunters so that he may be freed of his curse a little more with their medallions. Now, he roams the Moon’s Tear Ocean, burning out any trace of undeath in his path. Trafalgar is ever attempting to slow down this famed hunter but Vampyro continues his quest.


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