Wyvren's only human Nightshade


Human Rogue 11/ Nightshade 5/ Arcane Trickster 2


Maverick lived in one of the human settlements of the Shield Coast. He guided a group through the Western Reaches only to be beset by stray daemons. Necradiem, the premiere Nightshade trainer, saved his group but had to take Maverick back to Fier Nidal to be healed of his wounds. Once he was healed, he and Necradiem began training and eventually Maverick earned the title Nightshade. There are many Elves feel that his appointment was rash and uncalled for. However, his skills as a Nightshade have helped Gormion, wielder of the Narsilius, in his quest to uncover the actions of Baron Lord Drunish and the organization of orcs in the Orcvale.


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