The Half Elves of Balinrae


The Linrae are as the Half-elf in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, except as the following:

  • Linrae can never gain levels in wholly spellcasting class, such as Wizard, Sorcerer, Clerics, Witches, Oracles, or Druid. If they gain levels in a partial spellcasting class, such as Ranger or Paladin, they must use alternate, non-magical class options.
  • Curse of the Vampyre: Linrae do not gain the benefit of the Elven Immunities racial feature (the one that makes them immune to sleep and gives them a +2 saving throw bonus to enchantment spells and effects). They do, however, gain spell resistance equal to 7 + their character level to represent their resistance to magic due to the Vampyre’s curse.
  • Linrae cannot purchase the Use Magic Device skill

These half elves have lost their magical nature and have lost their connection to their true Elven heritage due to their proximity to the Vampyre’s homeland. Hence, the difference in their stats from other Half Elves. Not all Half Elves are Linrae; it is only the half elves from Balinrae that have these stats.


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