An insect like race from deep within the earth


The Dromites of Wyvren function exactly as they do in the Psionics Unleashed book, except for the following:

  • Chitin – The Dromites recieve the +1 to their natural armor bonus and choose one of the following energy resistances: cold 5, electricity 5, fire, 5, and acid 5 (acid instead of the normal sonic resistance). This resistance makes the decision as to the caste that the Dromite is apart of, Water (cold), Air (electricity), Fire (fire), and Earth (acid).
  • Collective Consciousness – The Dromites function as part of a collective hive mind. Any creature that has the blessing of the hive mind (and thus synapse control) has a chance to control weaker Dromites. Once every two turns a Dromite with synapse control (as per the GM) can control the weaker Dromites in the area. This is as per the Domination spell. A Dromite gets a bonus to his Will save equal to each level higher than the level of the Dromite attempting to exert control.

The Dromites work as a part of the collective to work towards a greater goal. What that goal exactly is, or even what the hive mind truly is, remains unseen to most lower members of the collective. They still have individual thoughts but when in proximity of the hive mind these thoughts are subdued and replaced by the will of the collective. Dromites become PCs by being left behind or out of range of the hive mind and wandering off on their own. Most find their newfound independence exhilarating and want more of it. A small percentage return to the collective. The hive mind is not particularly concerned with getting drones back to the hives as it knows that it can get more. The castes of the Dromites are simple. Earth caste build the tunnels and structures of the hives; Water caste work with magic and are heavy into psionics; Fire caste are warriors and defenders of the hives; Air caste are the Dromites that scout out threats and new territory for the hive to expand or respond to.


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